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the Talalay processThe Talalay process is a method based on the Dunlop process which has done a tremendous improvement and upgrade of its production process by mixing, injection molding, vacuum, refrigeration, high temperature heating, washing and drying. The entire production process control is very strict accordance with all procedures millisecond timing. Its process is characterized by a vacuum method and the rapid freezing method. The foams of productions are uniformly distributed and with similar size. The productions are low density and high elasticity. It is a more advanced process method. Talalay is an example of modern industrialization. Latex products produced by Talalay method has become a symbol of a high standard. However, the cost and difficulty of this method are far more than the normal production process. Because of its high cost modeling, complex equipment, high investment and high energy consumption, it is not widely used. At present, only a few manufacturers around the world are using this Talalay production process.Talalay productions have several advantages than Dunlop productions:Equilibrium consistent with an open honeycomb structure, the internal bubble hole buckle attached, with excellent elasticity and durability; further enhanced ventilation and breathability. Therefore,Talalay latex has higher flexibility ,longer life and superior breathable moisture performance than that of an ordinary latex.
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